Semi Automatic Strapping Machine 8020


One Touch and Easy Operation: Turn the power on and you are ready to strap your packages.Motor stops automatically when not in use within preset 60 seconds to save energy and prolong motor life.

Advanced P.C.B Control System : New easy to replace printed circuit board (P C B), controls feeding,tensioning, welding, sealing, cooling and strap welds as well as other functions of the machine for trouble-free and low-cost operations. Perfect Welding Heater Plate: One piece die-cast nickel steel heater plate completely eliminates heater blade problems associated with other style heater elements.

Quality Electromagnetic Clutch Transmission: Durable Electro - Magnetic clutch transmission increase motor life, strapping speed and reduces overall machine noise.


Heavy Duty Model: 207
1 Power supply 1Ø, 220 V, 50 HZ
2 Driving Motor 1/4 HP, 220V, 200 Watts
3 Strap Width 6 - 15mm
4 Strapping Speed 1.5 sec/strap
5 Min. Package Size 60mm
6 Max Package Size Any Size
7 Weight 100 kg
8 Sealing Method Heat Sealing
  Dimension 910mm (L) x 580 (W) x 730mm (H)
Model: 405
1 Power supply 220V (50H)  
2 Driving Motor 1/4 HP, 220V, 200 Watts  
3 Cycling type of Strapping 1.5 Sec  
4 Single PCB Model Min. Package 60m max/any size  
5 Size 100kgs  
6 Weight Heat Sealing  
7 Method of strap sealing 910mm (L) x 580 (W) x  
8 Dimension 730mm (H)  
9 Strap Width 6.15mm  

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